National Honesty Day, What to do, What to do

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This morning as I was performing my morning ritual of seeing what has been posted on the Wayward Catholic Facebook page I had a post from “The Drew Mariani show” stating today is “National Honesty Day”. He then asked the question “Is it ever okay to be dishonest?” More

Sunday Reflection: Knock and the Door Will Be Opened

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This will be the first in a series I’ll call “Sunday Reflections” in which I look at some verses of scripture and how they have related to my journey back to the Lord and maybe to yours as well. More

Tim Tebow, AshleyMadison, Where Do I Begin

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Just when you think we as a country can’t stoop any lower, we learn that there is a website out there which is offering a million dollars to anyone who van prove they have had sex with Tim Tebow. More

Excuse Number 1: Pedophile Priests


There are many reasons why I left the Catholic Church, okay I should rephrase that as there are many excuses as to why I left the Catholic Church, and one of these was the Clergy Abuse Scandal.  More

What’s A Good Catholic To Do

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This is not necessarily a blog about politics, I have others which deal with that, but sometimes it can be hard for politics and religion to be separated. There is an overlap, especially when the Church, whether it be  the Catholic Church which I belong to or another denomination, teaches something which goes against what has become the norm. This can cause problems for those who want to follow the teachings of their church, but also want to make a difference in society. More

A Catholic’s Dilema – Contraception and Teen Moms

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a woman who is counselor for pregnant teens. We were talking about some of the problems she faces everyday and one of the biggest problems she sees is the lack of role models for these teens and how they really know nothing different than the cycle of poverty.  More

Catholic Church Takes A Stand

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It is good to see the Catholic Church taking a stand on the HHS contraception mandate. From the beginning this has been a case of the government interfering with religion, trying to force the church to go against their moral teachings.  More

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