Obamacare, Religious Freedom and the Mandate Amendment

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I normally don’t cross post on the various blogs for which I write, but every once in awhile I feel the need to do so, in order to spread a message I feel is of particular importance. The Mandate Amendment to the Constitution is one of these issues.  Obamacare is bad for this country on so many levels, just one of which is it is an erosion to our First Amendment right to religious freedom, we need to stop it from happening again. The Mandate Amendment is one way to do this.


Are We Following the Wrong Shepherds

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When I read scripture, I am always struck how timeless it really is. Whether in the New or Old Testaments, we can always find something which will relate to what is going on in the world today.  More

Big Brown and the Boy Scouts

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It’s been a few posts since I’ve written about politics on this blog, so it’s about time. I received a press release from the Family Research Council regarding their decision to not ship anything via UPS any longer. This is because of UPS’s decision to no longer fund the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because they discriminate.  More

Turning the Corner

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I haven’t been writing much lately, and what I have written on this blog has been a little down. I’ve been hitting some new lows, different from other lows in my life where I had some alcohol issues thrown in the mix which can certainly cloud one’s thinking, but lows nonetheless. But… More