The Road to Extinction

For this post only, let’s change the name of this blog to something other than the Wayward Catholic because for this post I want to keep all references to religion, God, Catholicism or the Bible. So pretend its something like the Wayward Atheist. Okay, then, let’s talk about Gay Marriage and why it is wrong from a purely biological view point.

Why are there men and women? Why are they made different? What is the sole purpose that there are men and women or if you prefer males and females of any species? And no it is not the purpose of man to make women miserable or vice versa. Women were not put here to pick up men’s socks.

The reason there are men and women is very simple, so they can mate and create little males and females (who can then make their parents lives interesting if nothing else). so what happens if men only marry men and women only marry women? Can we see a problem here? Where will the little males and females come from?

Enough said.

Palm Sunday Thoughts

On a cold but sunny Palm Sunday, I figure it is a good time to reflect over the last year of my life, after all it was just about a year ago that I began attending Sunday Mass religiously (pardon the pun). I have come a long way in the last year but I still have a long way to go.

The biggest change I have made in my life is that I now trust God. I know He is there for me and won’t let me fall so far that I can’t get back. Not that He will do everything for me, I still need to work for things, but I also know that as long as I do my share and have faith in Him, He won’t let me fail.

My life isn’t easy, I made some really bad decisions in the past thirty or so years, and the results of these bad decisions aren’t going to just disappear over night, no matter how much I pray, but I also know that He is there to give me the strength to get through whatever is to come. Right now I am trying to figure out what to do about my house, should I continue barely holding on to it (it has been in my family for fifty years, the property it sits on for 100) or should I give up and get rid of it? It would make my life a whole lot easier, but there is an attachment to it.

I have written about how God is always talking to us and I know as I continue to pray about it He will give me the answer I need. I am sure He already is answering me, but sometimes it takes some time to understand what He is saying. I think that is the case with the house. However He has answered other prayers for me, like the post I wrote a few posts ago on how can I explain God to my granddaughter, and this one will be answered as well. (For the record I have figured out how to explain it to her and you will soon see it)

I have wasted a lot of years by giving up on my faith. If only I could go back and do it over. I know I can’t, and ultimately, if one believes that God has a plan for all of us, my life now is part of that plan, then things will work out. This is where I need to be at this point and where I go from here, only God knows.

As we hear in the “Our Father”:

“Thy will be done”. God’s will, shall be done.

God Answered Me Now What

From a young age we are all told if we pray hard enough, God will answer our prayers. Here’s the problem, no one ever told us what to do if He actually did.

Here’s the story, as I have mentioned, to some maybe too much, I was away from the Catholic Church for a long time, including when my kids were little. They were both baptized and made their First Communions, but that was it. So lately I have been praying that God watches over them and help them find their way back, and I have especially been praying for my grandchildren and that they find God as well.

So the other day as I was visiting my son, somehow the subject of my going to church every Sunday came up, and after being asked if I was okay, my son and his wife said my oldest grand child had been asking them questions about God and Adam and Eve and where they came from. One small step in the right direction for sure, but here is the problem, how do you explain God to a nine year-old? After all I am 56 and I am only now really beginning to understand the whole God thing.

There are so many aspects of theology, religion, God, it is very difficult to explain it.  It’s one thing if you already believe in God, and when you can read scripture or other texts, but not so easy when you are too young to understand. And in my case I have never been one who has been very good at explaining things to my own kids, never mind my grandchildren.

So how do you explain that God isn’t a person, that you can’t “see” or “touch” Him, at least not physically, to someone who probably won’t be able to grasp the concept of an all-being, all-knowing entity? How can you explain about Heaven and Hell? How do you explain how God can hear all our prayers when there are so many of people praying?

Any ideas? Suggestions? I’m thinking I need to pray some more and this time ask for a little more information.