Is That All There Is

Way back in 1969 there was a son out called, “Is that all there is?” recorded by Peggy Lee. For some reason i was thinking of this song the other day. Okay, I know the reason, He did it to me again. You see I was thinking about how I have changed my thinking on God and Heaven and eternity.

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More about Prayer

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks and I haven’t had much time for writing. Or reading. Or praying. So I am trying to get back on track. I’ve been trying to get a little freelance business going (writing and editing) which has been taking most of my free time. Of course when I stop and think about it, I know that if I spent more time praying, reading scripture and other inspirational writings and even writing more it would make getting the business going easier because I would have God on my side.

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