Global Warming and the Pope

Earlier today Pope Francis released a new encyclical “Laudato si'”Praise Be: On the Care for our Common Home. As with anything the Pope writes or says, there is sure to be a lot of misinterpretation, especially by the mainstream media. Some of the issues in the encyclical are climate change, global warming, fossil fuels and that political bodies need to act to fix the problem.  Continue reading “Global Warming and the Pope”

In God I trust, In Politicians I Don’t

I know it is hard to believe, but the silly season has begun again. Yes, it’s true, we are already seeing the dawn of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. We already have about 1,000 republican candidates who have announced their candidacies and three Democrats. And as always that brings up the question: How is a Catholic supposed to vote?

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A Wayward Catholic meets a Southern Baptist

Today I had to write a sample for an editing project I bid on. As you probably know, if you read this blog, that is how I am trying to make a living. If I am awarded this project I think it is going to be rather interesting. It involves taking transcripts of sermons giving by a real life Southern Baptist preacher and rewriting and editing them. Needless to say, a Southern Baptist and a Wayward Catholic, while not polar opposites, certainly have different approaches.

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