Barack Obama and the Fine Print

Have you checked out the new Obama campaign ads yet? You know the ones which talk about how he supports abortion as pointed out course in true Secular Progressive fashion, the ads don’t come right out and say that Obama is in favor of killing babies, they only say he is for a woman’s “right to choose” and woman’s health. Of course we never hear about the babies

right to choose or the babies health. Seems they are always forgotten.

The abortion issue can be a tough one for a “Wayward Catholic” like me. I have spent a lot of time convincing myself that even though I am against abortion that it is a woman’s right to choose. Wayward Catholics, those of us who drifted away from the Church because we knew better than what 2000 years of Catholic teaching had to say, do that. We have grown up with the “Do what you want, just leave me alone” theory of life.  With the election of Barack Obama, I realize how wrong I was.

Be letting others do what they want, we have lost our way. We have no moral compass, we don’t know what is right and wrong. Murdering innocent babies is wrong. If you are a Catholic there is no grey area here, you are against abortion and that’s that.

Even when Joe Biden tries to convince us otherwise.

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