The Future is Now

Two more days to make some much needed changes to this country. This is where you can either vote for more of the same,  and we can continue on the path to destruction, or vote for real “Hope and Change” and get us back on track to being the country we were founded to be.

Under Barack Obama our religious freedom is being taken away. Our freedom of speech is being curtailed. The Second Amendment is being threatened. Our economy is in the tank. Free enterprise is slowly going the way of the dinosaur as there is more and more government interference in business.

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This election is where you need to decide on the future of this country for your children grandchildren and great grandchildren. What kind of country do you want them to live in? One where the government controls every thing they do, where they live off entitlement programs, where there are shortages of the basic necessities of life, where they are not free to worship or not worship as they like?

Currently we live in a world where there are three main philosophies to living. I have taken these from Matthew Kelly’s book, “Rediscover Catholicism
” and they not only apply to religion but to all aspects of our lives.

  • Individualism – “What’s in it for me?”, based on an all-consuming concern for self.
  • Hedonism – Pleasure is the supreme good.
  • Minimalism – What is the least I can do. (Rediscover Catholicism second edition, Copyright 2010. Pgs 36 – 38)

While these philosophies may be good for the short term, they aren’t for the long term. Look at what has happened over the past fifty years or so. We have increased poverty, entitlement programs, teen age pregnancies, high school drop out rates, suicide, depression, divorce, abortions. Are these philosophies really making us feel better?

Will changing the president change this? I believe it is a start. We have a president who cares nothing for this country and the freedoms we have enjoyed since our founding. He wants to make this country into one where the elite rule and keep everyone else under their boots. Just like England did when we declared our independence, and as Stalin, Mao and Hitler did more recently, this didn’t work there and it won’t work here.

These course we are on won’t just affect Catholics, it will affect everyone, whether you believe in God or you don’t, no matter what race you are, no matter what your sexual preferences are. You will all be affected and it won’t be what you think it will be.

Is this part of God’s plan? There are some who think it might be. There are some who think we are in the end times as described in the Bible. I don’t know. All I know is we have become a culture of death, not one of life, and we as a human race, and certainly as a country, can not survive this for long.

Think long and hard before you vote on Tuesday. Think about the future. Think of the next generations and what you want to leave them.

I’m praying you make the right decision.

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