God and My GPS

I spend most of my day behind the windshield of a truck which gives me plenty f time to think about things when I am not dodging erratic drivers that is.  Affixed to that windshield is a GPS device, in case I get lost. Hanging on that GPS is another device which also keeps me from getting lost.

That other device is my rosary
. Some people wonder why I have a rosary hanging there, needless to say, some people take offense to it, but I keep it there for two reasons.

The first and most important thing this rosary does for me is it reminds me to always keep Jesus first in my life. The way it hangs there, it is the first thing, for lack of a better term, in line. Whenever I have a problem or need to make a decision, I see the crucifix, and am reminded to keep Jesus and God first in my life.

The second reason is it is the best GPS anyone could have. When I am lost I can loo at the rosary and Jesus, and I will get all the direction I need right there. I ask myself the question, what would Jesus want me to do? What would He say about this? And that leads me down the right path.

There is a time, not so long ago, when I wouldn’t have hung the rosary in my truck. I wouldn’t want people to think I was one of those religious nuts, I suppose one could say I was ashamed. Not any longer. Every day I realize how much God has given to me and continues to give to me.. I haven’t always been worth of His gifts, but he continues to provide for me. I have written about my experiences here, how God never let me fall so far i couldn’t get back up, how He has given me signs and direction, and I am not ashamed of it, in fact I will tell anyone who cares to listen.

I have seen the difference He has made, and continues to make in my life, every day. I know what He has done for me, I now the mistakes I have made, the wrong turns I took, and while I can’t change what I have done, I can try to help others from going down the same road. Which is what I try to do with this blog. If I can change one life, if I can make just one person see how God does make a difference, then I will feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile in my life.

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