Believers and Non-believers

As I sometimes have a tendency to do, especially when I have too much time on my hands, I think too much. And when I think too much, I have to post about it which can lead to some very strange insights. Here comes one now…

I had a comment on this morning’s post from another blogger, (here is a link to his or her blog) and when I wrote my reply I mentioned how I believe people have the right to believe or not believe what they like. At least that is still true in this country, although it seems to be changing for some who happen to believe differently from others.

So here is my question, regarding God and religion, if someone is a non-believer, does this mean they believe in non-belief? If they belie that, then they are a believer aren’t they? They believe in non-belief, therefore they can’t call themselves a non-believer, since they do believe in non belief.

It’s similar to when some says they believe in nothing. Isn’t nothing, something? Therefore if they believe in nothing, and nothing is really something, then they believe in something, and can’t say they don’t believe in nothing. Can you tell it was a lng day behind the old windshield today?

On a more serious note, what bothers me about both believers in God and non-believers is that in so many cases neither side will listen to and respect the other’s opinions. Instead they will try to force their opinions (and no, not everyone does this) on the other side and this will usually lead to name calling and a general breakdown in the discussion.

Let’s take the First Amendment for example. There are those who believe Christians shouldn’t be allowed to worship in any public place. They feel this is a case of Christians “forcing” their beliefs on them. I suggest that the opposite is also true, that the non-believers are forcing their non-beliefs on the believers by having them remove prayer or any religious artifacts from public view. (We can discuss the whole “separation of church and state”  myth at some other time)

Yes, I believe in God, I am proud to say it, and if anyone is interested in being converted, I will do my best, but I will never force my beliefs of anyone.

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