And the Problem is

I’ve been trying to avoid mixing too much politics into this blog lately, I have other blogs where I can do that, but if you don’t mind, I want to get something off my chest.

As you may know I send a lot of time driving around for work. This means a lot of time spent listening to the radio (although lately I mostly keep it off). One day last week I was listening to a political talk show and the topic was “What do you think is wrong with the country?” There were a range of answers including politicians who don’t care about their constituents once they get elected, the “What’s in it for me?” culture, the entitlement culture, the increase of violence and the lack of a work ethic. All good points, but no one mention the main problem, and arguably the one which is responsible for the rest – the removal of God from our society.

We have taken God from our schools, our government, our work places, everywhere. With this removal, we have lost our morality, our sense or right and wrong, our caring for one another and we have instituted a culture of death. Many, if not most of us believe that hard work pays off, that we should care about others more than ourselves, that “things” are more important than anything else.

Remember back a few years when there was a bumper sticker out there “WWJD?” The question “What Would Jesus Do?” was one we were supposed to ask before making a decision.  The problem back then was not many people knew what Jesus would do, and it is even worse now. If we don’t have a clue what Jesus would do, how can we actually live our lives like Jesus?

Would Jesus kill unborn babies? Would Jesus be happy living off what others earn? Would Jesus bully others at school, on-line, at work? Would Jesus randomly start shooting at a movie theater or a school? I don’t think so.

These are the consequences of out removing God from our worlds. The Progressives out there will never admit it, if they even understand it, our leaders have convinced the vast multitudes they don’t need God, God isn’t real, God is irrelevant. And they wonder why there is a problem?

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