Is That All There Is

Way back in 1969 there was a son out called, “Is that all there is?” recorded by Peggy Lee. For some reason i was thinking of this song the other day. Okay, I know the reason, He did it to me again. You see I was thinking about how I have changed my thinking on God and Heaven and eternity.

I was thinking about how I have changed in the last few years. Really my whole outlook has changed. It has been a tough year for me, I was out of work for awhile, then Tonya was as well, I have had to sell my house, breaking even, trying to keep afloat, yet I never lost hope. Why?

Because it was during this time, and even some time before, when I realized I could trust in God. I realized that He is on control and that no matter what He would take care of me. But that isn’t all.

Like the song, I used to ask myself “Is this all there is?” Was my life going to be like this forever, working all the time and never getting anywhere? Was I always going to struggle just to get by? And if so, then what is the point? Why bother, why not give up? I have never been one who has been into things. I have never had to have a lot of stuff, just a roof over my head, food on the table and healthy kids. But I still always seemed to struggle, asking what’s the point?

I asked God about it and I received the answer. All my life I never understood that, no, this isn’t all there is, and it isn’t this life that is important. It is the next. This is what Jesus tries to teach us. We live this life in order to get to the next one, where it really matters. It is what we do here that decides what happens next, where we end up. Whether the narrow gate is opened or not.

That is the purpose of our lives here. It is how we handle what is put in front that determines the outcome. We can give up or make the best of what we have. Our purpose is to get to Heaven and the way to get there is living a Christ-like life.

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