Why isn’t it enough to believe? Yesterday I was doing some research for a possible article and read something written for atheists on how to argue the existence of God with someone who believes.  And of course this got me questioning my beliefs.

Are they right when they say there is no scientific proof that God exists so we can definitively say he does, even though the converse is also true, there is no scientific proof He doesn’t exist?

Are they right when they say the Bible is just a work of fiction, made up by man in order to deceive people into following the writers so they could control them?

Are they right when they say even if we had no God or God’s laws (moral code) that we would still be a moral society because it is people who decide what is right or wrong?

They  always make a statement something like our belief in God has no foundation and therefore it is false, well, what’s wrong with just believing? I know what I believe, maybe I can’t prove God exists, maybe I can’t prove there is a Heaven and Hell or that Satan is real but I do know they all are real. I know what He has done for me, how He has saved me, turned my life around and put me on the path to the narrow gate. And that is really all that matters isn’t it?

Maybe it isn’t good enough for some, but it’s good enough for me,