In the Quiet

Stop what you are doing and listen. What do you hear? I hear the television, earlier it was internet radio. Do you hear something as well? Are you listening to music? Reading this and talking on the phone? Think about your whole day, are you one of those, like me, who always has to have some noise around you? Why?

The opposite of noise is quiet. Do you ever spend any time in quiet, with no noise? Are you afraid of quiet? Why? Are you afraid of what you might hear? What can you hear when it is quiet? Can you hear anything? Can you hear someone talking to you?

When we surround ourselves with noise, we can’t hear what is in the quiet. We can’t hear who is talking to us in the quiet. We can only hear noise, noise coming from the one who doesn’t want us to hear what the One who talks to us in the quiet wants us to hear. Him.

Take some quiet time and listen, you just might be surprised what you hear.

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