Another Coincidence – Nope

Once again God has watched over me and protected me from harm. I am really starting to think He likes me. I know, I know, He loves all of us, but here’s my story.

The last two weeks I have been rather lax in my spirituality. I have missed Mass which means I need to go to confession before taking communion again (one of those Catholic rules you now) and I haven’t done that. And I haven’t been keeping up with my daily spiritual reading, like the daily mass readings or some of the other reading I do. And I certainly haven’t been writing in this blog disappointing millions of readers I am sure. (If only that were true!)

And I have to admit it has been more intentional than not. I had once again started to lose hope and faith the way things were going. Like in the past I have felt as if I am just spinning my wheels and getting frustrated with my life. And like in the past, this is where God steps in and knocks some sense into me.

Last week as I was driving along I rounded a corner hitting a patch of ice. I went of the road onto someone’s front lawn and when all was said and done, I was half off a retaining wall, stopped by the homeowner’s pick up truck. It was fairly low speed and I didn’t get hurt but once I was on the lawn it was like a skating rink. Well my vehicle was totaled and what was the first thing I did? I looked up and said “Okay, I get it. Time to get back on track.”

Sometimes God just has to shake us up a little. I could have hit one of the two rather large oak trees or the house or even gone back on to the road hitting an oncoming car head on, but I didn’t. No one was hurt, my vehicle and the pick up were damaged, but other than that all is good. Non-believers will say God had nothing to do with it, I was just lucky and if this was the only time something like this happened I might agree. But as I have written before, it isn’t. In fact too many things have happened in my life, good and bad, for it to be anything other than God watching over me.

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