Baltimore: Is this the beginning of the End Times?

Once again, a United States city erupts into flames for no other reason than hate. Have you ever wondered how we fallen this far? How did we let Satan become such a big part of so many people’s lives? These people who are rioting, they don’t care about Freddy Gray, they don’t care about whether or not there really is a race problem in this country, they only care about hate, and evil, and destruction.

It makes me start to wonder if this is the beginning or even the middle of the end times. Jesus said we won’t know the time nor the hour, but there will be signs. Some of these signs seem to be happening now. We live in a time where people don’t know God, where hate is preached from some pulpits and high political offices.

We always hear that we need to pray. Pray to end this violence, pray to end the riots, but I am beginning to wonder if this will really help. Think of it this way. Many believe when they pray, that God hears them and will answer their prayers. I believe this, and I truly believe that God has answered my prayers, maybe not the way I would have liked him to, but He has answered them. And how has he answered them? In different ways, through dreams, through things I have seen or heard that make me realize He is giving me an answer, and sometimes through some event like when I fell off the truck. But I have also learned two important things: You need to believe, and you need to listen.

What happens if you don’t believe? Then you won’t hear. You won’t know it is God trying to teach you something, trying to help you. Therefore, if we ask God to intervene in these riots, to somehow enter into these people and get them to stop, since they don’t believe, they will have no idea what God, or even that, God is speaking to them.

Satan has prevailed for so long, he has succeeded in keeping God from so many lives, these people have no moral compass. They have no sense of right or wrong, good or evil, only what they have learned from the streets. They have had no leadership, no role models, other than others who also don’t know God. How many generations have we pushed God aside so that many people today don’t know Him?

How do we change that? Is prayer the answer? It certainly won’t hurt, but how else? We hear that the best way to spread the Word is to live it. But I ask the question, would people who don’t know of God, who don’t have that moral compass, even know that you are living the Word, would they follow your example?

Something to think about.


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