Here is one from the “How far do we have to fall before we hit bottom” department. In the news this week is a story about a website where married couples can hook up for affairs. It seems that a group of hackers has hijacked all the information and is threatening to release all the information unless the site is taken down. This information includes names, addresses, credit card information, dates, times, places, all kinds of stuff. There are at least 45 million members. 

Forty-five million members. That says a lot about how far the moral standards of our society have fallen. Forty-five million adulterers who are willing to pay money to hook up with another willing participant to sin. I imagine this number is even higher if you count all of those people who don’t use this service. But what bothers me even more about the fact that all these people are using this site is that the outrage isn’t over how many cheaters there are or that they can actually do this, but rather, the fact that the hackers are submitting the members to blackmail.

On the surface the hackers are saying they want the site shut down, and the reason is because the site claims that you pay extra to have all your information removed when you are done and this doesn’t happen (as proven by the fact they have this information). But I think we can be pretty certain there will be some individual blackmail involved.

What is wrong with a society that is more concerned that their sins will be found out rather than the fact that they have sinned? And, more importantly, how much longer is God going to allow us to fall before He acts?