Every once in awhile I come across a passage in the bible that hits me, like a two by four. This happened last night when I read Ephesians 5: 6 – 20. I wish I had read this forty years ago. Maybe if I had I would have this whole thing called life figured out and would not have strayed off the narrow path like I did.

Here is some of the passage:

Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient. So do not be associated with them. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of the light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth. Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.  – Ephesians 5: 6 – 10ephesians

I have written many times before about how I finally figured out the purpose to life, it is to get to heaven. This passage had I read it a long time ago, actually let me rephrase that, had I read it with an open heart, would have shown me that I needed to live in the light and that I would be rewarded if I did.

A few lines later it says:

Therefore, do not continue in ignorance, but try to understand what is the will of the Lord. – Ephesians 5:17

Had I been listening (or reading) I would have understood that I needed to learn what exactly is the will of the Lord, what He wants from us, and I would not have sinned like I did.

But I didn’t so here I am.

Still looking for help for my friend Cat.