Going Against the Tide

As I mentioned last week I am now working full time at a non-profit, human services organization and it has opened my eyes to many things, mostly positive. Seeing first hand the remarkable things that are being done with so many of our mentally and emotionally challenged individuals is very uplifting.

Last week we had an organization training day, and one of the speakers from outside the Agency made the comment that we are doing “God’s Work.”  I certainly agree with that. Yet there are so many other things I see that disappoint me. Maybe it is because I was out of work for awhile and really for the last ten or so years have worked places where I had little interaction with others, but I have really seen how people have become more selfish, nor materialistic, more narcissistic and further away from God that I thought.

It is one thing to read about it or hear about it third hand from any of the million news sources, blogs and talk shows out there, but to see it in action every day is an eye-opener. Don’t get me wrong I love the people I work with and I love my job but I do get frustrated with the things I see.

In this world of “Political Correctness” it is hard for those of us who do truly believe to not be sucked into the current world of the unbelievers, or of the semi-believers. But we need to stay strong and take it one day at a time. And who knows, maybe by our actions we will set an example for those who see us and make a small difference in the world.

Here is a Lenten reflection from Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team. Enjoy.



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