Don’t Be That Guy

We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t be that guy” and it means don’t be the guy who does something foolish. (Yes, ladies, this means you too.) And I am here to admit, I have been “that guy”.

About a year ago I had a close call at work, there was an accident which could have caused me to be either seriously hurt, paralyzed or taken home in a box. After thinking about this accident and analyzing it I had to wonder why I wasn’t hurt at all, it really was that close. This is when I realized there must be something about the whole God thing.

The rest of the day (and actually everyday since then) I have asked myself a lot of questions about God, life, death, Heaven and hell. I began to reexamine my life and the faith I had left over forty years ago. I was born a Catholic, but like many people who were raised in the late sixties and early seventies, I decided I knew what was better for me than the Catholic Church did and stopped going. I have begun my journey back and while not fully back yet I have come a long way.

So I hear you asking, “Where does the ‘Don’t be that guy?’ come in?” My life has turned out to be somewhat of a mess and looking back I truly believe if I hadn’t had drifted from the Church and my religion, it would have been different. And now as I look at my kids and grandchildren, I see them going the same way. Don’t be that guy who wakes up one day and realize you have done the same thing.

This blog is my attempt to help people who feel like me, who have left the church, have lost their way or feel as if they may be, learn as I did that there is a God and He does love you.

This blog won’t be nothing but passages from the Bible, it won’t be a “Repent or you are going to Hell” kind of blog, it will be a normal person talking and sharing  his experiences on his journey back. I will answer the questions I have come across on my journey and will share news and information which has helped me and hopefully will help you as well.

Please join me on my journey and we can learn together.

Please feel free to comment, we would love to hear from you

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