If Everyone Jumps Off A Bridge, Will You

Just becasue everyone else is jumping off a bridge, does that mean you will too?  Remember when your mother used to say that to you?I beleive in morality. I also beleive that morality in this country is changing, and not for the better. In fact it is eroding more and more every day. I beleive there are many reasons for this, most of them all come from one main source: secular progressives. This has been going on for some time and we have finally reached the point where it is quite noticeable. Here is the latest example.

An article on Slate.com titled “Can someone’s morals really evolve?” asks this question in response to Barack Obama’s “evolving” position on same-sex marriage. the article says it is quite normal for morals to change. Why?

While some of the growing national acceptance of gay marriage is the result of turnover—as  older, more socially conservative people die off—there has been asignificant amount of mind-changing among members of the American public. Many sociologists believe that morality derives from intuition rather than reason, and our rational explanations for moral positions are simply post hoc justifications. One of the primary movers of our intuitive sense of morality, the argument goes, is called the cohort effect. According to this theory, people shift their views so they match those of their peers.

What is basically being said here is that once you beat something into someone’s head long enough, they will change their minds. We are constantly fed all sorts of propaganda from the progressives telling

us how what used to be right is wrong, how the rules have changed, sooner or later we will accept it.

This is especially true when through our public school program we indoctrinate our children to these views. Our children are constantly barraged with all kinds of mis-information on a daily basis supported by our tax dollars. Would we expect that their morals are going to be different?

We no longer teach the Bible in public schools, in fact we have pretty much removed any biblical or Christian teachings from them. We also are trying to remove any Christian references or symbols from any public view at all. Out of sight, out of mind. The progressives are being quite successful in changing the moral compass of this country, and we let them.

Pretty soon these same progressives will convince us it will be okay to kill innocent people just becasue they are unwanted.Oh wait, they already do that, it’s called abortion.

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