Have you noticed there seems to be so many issues to deal with and so little time? Political issues, personal issues and faith issues can seem overwhelming at times. How do you deal with it?If you are looking here for answers, well, that was a question for you? Obviously I don’t have the answer. There is so much wrong in this country, really the world, today, I don’t know where to start to “Fix” things.

Now, in the old days, what I will refer to my, “Hide my head in the sand” period, or the “Not my problem, let someone else deal with it” period, a period which lasted about 52 years, I wouldn’t have given any of these things a second thought. But today is different. So how do I “fix” things?

Now as a Catholic, of course I am required to say “Through prayer”, and yes, I agree that is one way. But I am also afraid that there isn’t time to wait. I truly beleive that we are, if not already over the edge of a cliff, certainly on the edge. Our religious freedom is under attack, everyone’s, not just us Catholics. We kill our babies, soon we will legally be able to kill our elderly, we are on the verge of becoming if not communists, certainly a socialist nation. We need to take action. And these issues we face are at all levels, from the local to national to the world.

For the first time in my life, I honestly feel God is calling me to do something. I can’t put my finger on why I think that, but I do. I am not a “preachy” kind of guy, so it isn’t that, but I think He is asking me to help spread His Word. More than likely it is through my writing. And I also think it is needs to be directed to those who have drifted, or more importantly, to those who are thinking about drifting away from the faith.

It might be too late for me, I have sinned and my biggest sin has been to not instill the teachings of God in my children. their lives are much like mine was and I don’t know who to change that. Maybe it is my calling to stop others from losing their children, I don’t know.

I do know one thing, God will guide me. He’ll let me know if I stray and in which direction I will go. Maybe I’ll be able to “fix” at least one person, God willing.