A Wayward Catholic Life Lesson: Choices

We have all heard the expression after something bad happens to us that “God is testing us”. Perhaps we have said it ourselves. I am here to tell you this is not true. God does not test us, we only test ourselves.

Now this might be hard for some to believe, but God is smarter than we are. You see God gave us something called free will. It started way back when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam he could eat any thing he wanted except the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Well we know how that turned out don’t we? But the thing is God gave Adam the ability to make a choice, and he made the wrong one.

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Life is all about the choices we make. We can either make good choices or bad choices, and God really has little to do with the ones we make. Other than what He tries to teach us in the Bible or through other writings of the Church. Nope, He pretty much leaves us to our own devices and our own free will. He hopes we follow His lead and His teachings but if not, we are on our own.

The only test is whether we live a godly life. If we do, we’ll be rewarded, if not, we will suffer for eternity. Now Satan on the other hand is testing us every day through temptation. He has a vested interest in seeing that we sin. He will do whatever he can to get us to sin. God will help us to, but only if we help ourselves. God will give us signs now and them, we only need to recognize them and follow them. We have to pay attention and be able to differentiate between God’s signs and Satan’s signs. How do we do that? Remember what God has taught us through His word and that of His son.

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