Finally A Real Catholic Democrat

An open letter to Jo Ann Nardelli, former Democrat from Pennsylvania:Dear Mrs. Nardelli,

Welcome. It is good to finally see someone from the Democratic side of the aisle who isn’t afraid to stand up for something she believes in, even if it means having to resign her position. More and more we see Catholic Democrats either deny their faith or totally misrepresent it.

Reading Matthew Archbold’s blog in the National Catholic Register, I was glad to see you have stood up for your Catholic principals and your Catholic moral conscience. You were quoted as saying “you tried to change the Democratic party from within and make it more in line with traditional values”, unfortunately I am afraid it could be too late for that. We have reached a point in this country, and the world, where the Secular Progressives have so eroded our morality we may not be able to change it back.

It has been the plan of these people to do this for the last 100 years. They have done it the same way one would eat an elephant, one bite at a time. They have succeeded in making things which were once right, wrong. They have almost removed all references to God and Christianity from the public square and continue to fight this whenever they can. It is time we fight back as well, and just maybe others will see what you have done and will take heart from it, and carry the torch.

There are too many Catholics out there in politics that have forgotten their faith and have been corrupted by the power and influence which comes with this, at all levels of government. While you may not feel like you have made a difference, in this Wayward Catholic’s eyes you have.

Oh and more importantly, you have made a difference in the eyes of the One who really matters.

The Wayward Catholic

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