Read At Your Own Risk

Don’t read this blog, you might be banned from Facebook, Google or Apple. Well, you won’t be banned but I could as occasionally I might say something someone might find offensive.You see there is increasing evidence that some social networking sites are banning some content from their sites. Nope, it isn’t pornography that is okay. It’s sites with Christian content, mostly that which offends people who consider themselves the most tolerant of all, the progressives. To narrow it down even further, those who believe in the gay agenda. You see progressives only are offended when someone has a viewpoint which doesn’t agree with their own.

It makes you wonder why they would feel the need to do that. I guess I have always looked at things this way: If you truly believe in your position, you should be comfortable if someone attacks you for it. Just to be clear, when I say “attack” I don’t mean physically like the left is wont to do, but rather in a respectful debate. If you are “gay and proud” to use the old saying when the movement began, why would it bother you if someone writes a blog post, or has a website criticizing your choice?

I suppose silencing the opposition might make some people feel better although wouldn’t that be like winning the frog jumping contest ala Mark Twain and filling a frog full of buck shot? Seems it would be hard to consider that a fair win. Of course for those who come from the Saul Alynsky school, we wouldn’t want to fight fair.

When you don’t agree with someone it is easier to attack them to keep them quiet, it is less work than trying to prove your position is the right one, especially when as is the case with the same-sex marriage debate, the majority of people when the issue is put to a vote, vote against it. Last week it was a sign in Fall River, MA, which a Catholic church was forced to change because some ONE was offended. This week there is another story of a billboard in Lexington, KY which so many find offensive.

The sad thing is, we let them get away with it. We let them intimidate us in the interest of keeping the peace, and by doing this we play right into their hands.

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