Religious Freedom Rallies and the Rosary, A Connection

Did you go to any of the religious freedom rallies today? If you did great, if you didn’t I understand, I couldn’t make it either. There was one in the city where I work, but I don’t have a job where I can just disappear for an hour.I had an interesting revelation about the “Stand up for Religion” rallies this morning though as I was praying the rosary. Fridays are the “Sorrowful Mysteries”:

  1. The Agony in the Garden
  2. The Scourging at the Pillar
  3. The Crowning with Thorns
  4.  The Carrying of the Cross
  5. The Crucifixion

It occurred to me that the religious freedom rallies are very similar to at least the first three of these mysteries, and even a little to the fourth. Think of Jesus being betrayed by Judas and then being brought before Pilate where he was ridiculed,, called names, beaten and tortured. We see these things when we as Catholics and Christians, profess our beliefs in the public square.

Our enemies attack us in many ways, and yes, like Jesus, we stand up to it becasue we, like him, know we are doing what is right in the eyes of God. Our religious freedom is under attack in this country. The HHS mandate is only the first in many to come, which is why we have to fight it. We can not let our freedoms be eroded, not as Catholics, not as Christians, not as Americans. We can not be silent.

Like Jesus we need to be strong in the face of our enemies, we can not give in, because we are right.

And yes, I really do pray the rosary every day, sometimes when my daughter tells me of her latest news, I even say it twice. Can you beleive a Wayward Catholic would do that?

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