Eyes that do not see

It was either this week or last week at the RCIA program we were discussing how things were in the "old days". I used to call them "the good old days" but now I question just exactly how good they were. We talked about how when I started school we began every day with the …

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A Light on a Hill

  Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast called "The Epiphany of the Lord." Pope Benedict XVI called it the "mystery of the manifestation of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to all peoples" (Angelus, 1/6/12). This is the day the Magi visited Jesus in the manger bringing various gifts. (Imagine "We Three Kings" quietly playing in the …

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More Intolerance From the Most Tolerant

In yet another case of intolerance from the people who claim to be the most tolerant people in the world, the progressive left has attacked another good faithful Christian. Of course I am referring to Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame. Yes he exercised his First Amendment rights and expressed his views about homosexuality which …

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