The Face of Jesus

I have previously written on how we never know when that person we help (or don’t help as the case may be) might be Jesus. Like we are told in Matthew 25:45: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.” But did you ever stop to think of it in another way? Instead of you looking into the face of Jesus, maybe the other person is looking at you and seeing Jesus?

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Reflection: Shunning Over-Familiarity

Today we reflect on “Shunning Over-Familiarity” from “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A. Kempis. We are told not to open our hearts to everyone we meet, instead we need to use discretion. Many of us like to mingle with the rich and famous, or people younger than us. We feel like we are getting something from them, maybe some special knowledge or an infusion of “young blood” that will make us better people. We think we are pleasing them with our presence when in reality, we are not. Rather they are looking to find our faults and then find a way to use them against us.

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A Test of Faith

My last post dealt with a custody battle involving a Facebook acquaintance of mine. I asked the question “What do we do when there are two wills involved?” How do we know which is God’s? My friend made the comment that if one more person told her it was God’s will that her daughter’s father should have custody of the child she would do something unchristian like. Continue reading “A Test of Faith”

Slow to Speak

The other day I played hooky from work, something I don’t usually do. I had a bunch of things that needed doing that can only be done during the week so I spent the day driving from here to there and back again. One of my stops included a local Trappist monastery. While my visit was brief, I came away realizing I would never be able to make it as a monk.

St. Joseph’s Abbey – Spencer MA

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Look for the Good

Do you have to listen to people complaining all day?  They spend all day finding something wrong with everything. When they aren’t complaining and pointing out things they perceive as wrong they are gossiping about someone. We all know at least one person like this, maybe even ourselves? Be honest now, haven’t you done these things at least once?

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