Listen to the Small Voice

As if God hasn’t given us enough to deal with by letting this corona virus pandemic continue, now He has to throw in this whole racial unrest thing in the middle of it. Riots, looting, arson, attacks against police officers are becoming all to commonplace. And yes, I have to wonder if this is just another sign of the end times.

One of the mantras that seems to keep being repeated is that we can get through this, we have been through these kinds of things before. Even my own pastor said this, bringing up things like World War 2, the Great Depression, 911 and the 1918 flu. And we have but I think this time it’s different. Why? Because the world has changed, we are not the same people we were even such a short time ago as September 11,2001.

Through all those times as well as others, we were stronger in our faith. More of us believed in God. We hadn’t quite pushed God completely out of our lives. There were still enough people who believed prayer and faith would get us through it all. Now not so much, and therein lies the problem.

Those of us who believe ask God why He Is letting this continue. Why doesn’t He stop this? We know He is in control, we know He has a plan but isn’t enough enough? But has anything changed? Has our world brought God back into our society? Maybe a little but not enough.

And I believe this is why bad things will continue to happen. God is trying to tell us something. That something is that we need to bring Him back into our daily lives. Do I think God is causing these problems? No and He can stop them any time He likes, but He won’t until we learn the lesson He is trying to teach.

In order for us to get the message we need to start by ignoring the noise around us. The noise from most of the media should be first. Their agenda is to sell, and they do this through instilling fear. They want us to keep coming back to them so they can sell us more stuff so they need to sensationalize everything so we will do this.

It’s time to stop and listen to God. It’s time we listen to what He is trying to tell us. As we read in the scripture passage below, we need to listen no to the loud noise, but to the quiet voice that is God’s.

1 Kings 19:11 -12

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