Walking with God

This spring I have begun taking long walks in the woods. Taking long walks in the woods is much better than taking long walks off of short piers. These walks have further confirmed what I already knew… God is real.

Atheists would like us to believe that everything was created by random interactions between molecules and there was no intentional or intelligent design behind it. One only needs to take a walk outside observing nature to see this just can’t be. Some kind of intelligence was needed to design our world and everything in it. That intelligence is God.

Besides just admiring the beauty God has created in our world (and I just don’t mean the beauty found out in the woods) I have also found it to be a great time to talk to our Lord. Yesterday was an example of my doing that. Once again I am having some problems at work, the same ones I have been having, and I really don’t know what to do. So as I walked through the beauty of the outside world I discussed the problem with Him. I am still waiting for an answer but I know it will be coming.

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