You Think It’s Easy Being A Tea Party Catholic?

When I first became affiliated with the tea party movement I was pretty much prepared for the, let’s say resistance, I would receive for my views, but never would I have expected the push back I would receive when I came out as a Catholic as well. Being Catholic and a tea party member are quite similar. People hate you even though they have no idea why. People who disagree with you don’t understand what either is about and don’t care to learn. Once you get labeled, well you are labeled.

Take this article I wrote about the religious liberty issue as an example. Not only did the people commenting attack the tea party, but Catholics, Christians, Conservatives and Republicans as well. But it’s okay I didn’t take it personal. 

It continues to amaze me how there are so many out there who don’t take the time or initiative to learn everything they can about an issue, looking at it with an open mind. I am not always right in what I think, and I keep an open mind, just ask my friend John N. who gave me a dressing down about using the word “Liberal”. This country was founded on public discourse, people getting together and working things out. It didn’t matter what religion they were, it didn’t matter what political beliefs they had, they worked it out.

Unfortunately for us, this is no longer the case. We have become so polarized we can’t seem to have a civil conversation with each other. We get blinded by our own views and prejudices. We no longer listen, some would say we no longer think.

But as Jesus took his “lumps” from those who didn’t beleive, so shall I, and I’ll continue to fight to change minds and open eyes. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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