Are You Like Peter

How many of us are like Peter, denying Jesus even though we claim we won’t? Do we deny that we know him? Do we try to distance ourselves from him? I would wager any of us do. October 11, 2012, began “The Year of Faith”>

The upcoming Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI is a “summons to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, the One Savior of the world” (Porta fidei 6). In other words, the Year of Faith is an opportunity for Catholics to experience a conversion – to turn back to Jesus and enter into a deeper relationship with him. The pope has described this conversion as opening the “door of faith” (see Acts 14:27). The “door of faith” is opened at one’s baptism, but during this year Catholics are called to open it again, walk through it and rediscover and renew their relationship with Christ and his Church – USCCB

As part of the “Year of Faith” we are called to participate in the new evangelization. Again from the USCCB:

 The New Evangelization is a call to each Catholic to deepen his or her own faith, have confidence in the Gospel, and possess a willingness to share the Gospel. The New Evangelization is first and foremost a personal encounter with Jesus Christ; it is an invitation to deepen one’s relationship with Christ. It is also a call to each person to share his or her faith with others. The Year of Faith, just like the New Evangelization, calls Catholics to conversion in order to deepen their relationship with Christ and to share it with others.

For many, I know this is true in my case, it is difficult to share our faith with others. For so many years, while I can’t say I denied Jesus, I certainly avoided the subject. When asked if I believed in God or Jesus, I would fluff off the answer saying things like “I am not sure what I believe” or “I think there is something, I just don’t know what.”  After doing that for many years it can be difficult to change.

In my case I know I am afraid of what people might think if I all of a sudden begin to show my faith, something I have never done. After all, if I were to suddenly start speaking of my love for God and Jesus what would people think?  I know this is the wrong way to think, but old habits die hard.

Now Simon Peter was standing and warming himself. They said to him. “Are not you also one of his disciples?” He denied it and said “I am not.” One of the servants of the high priest, a kinsman of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, asked, +Did I not see you in the garden with him?” Peter again denied it, and at once the cock crowed.  – John 18:25 – 27

Are You Like Peter

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