Time For Some Hard Thinking

The other day on my Facebook page, The Wayward Catholic, I posted a chart comparing Barack Obama’s views on issues as opposed to Catholicism’s views. There are thirteen items on the list. Reading it, you have to wonder how any Catholic would vote for him. He accepts all the tenets of Communism and Socialism, even though his supporters do their best to deny it. And interestingly enough, these same people will be the ones most likely to be hurt if these things were to come to pass. Distribution of wealth equally among everyone sounds like a great thing, until there is no wealth being produced. When everyone lives off the government, who will work?

Let’s take a few of these points and briefly talk about the long term effects of each and why it is bad for the country.

  • Abortion: When we kill our babies, who replaces us? Who pays into the various social programs which we now have that are based on those working to contribute? Social Security is bankrupt, the money which was put aside by our parents and grandparents is gone, it is our children and grandchildren who are paying into this program. As population declines, and more people are being supported, where will the money come from to sustain the system?
  • Euthanasia: Where is the line drawn on who lives and who dies? Read up on the history of the Progressive movement and one of the original ideas was to eliminate “undesirables” through eugenics. Who were the undesirables? Blacks, mentally handicapped and poor people who were determined to be unfit for society. Who is to say who fits the category of “undesirable”? Once it is okay to kill one group, the aged and infirm, it is okay to kill others based on any predetermined rule. Look at the abortion issue and how it has become acceptable to kill babies without even a second thought.
  • Manipulation of the poor: The Obama administration would like you to believe that they are for helping the poor. All they have done is added more people to the group. They claim the growth of food stamp recipients as a success when all it has done is cause more people to become dependent on the government. They want people to be dependent on them because they will always be guaranteed that vote. They encourage people to not work. The only problem with this is when enough people become dependent, the system will be unsustainable. Remember it isn’t the government which produces goods, it is the capitalist. When they no longer deem it profitable they will stop producing, then what?
  • Same Sex Marriage: On the surface this would seem to not be a problem, until you realize what is the purpose, or more accurately, what should be the purpose of marriage? To have children. What happens when we no longer pro-create? This also is another way for the Progressives to blur the line between right and wrong, to create more “grey” areas, to erode morality.
  • Violations of Conscience: Barack Obama and the Progressives want to blur the line between right and wrong. They want to develop their own sense of morality, one where God and His teaching no longer matters, but instead, it is some foggy law where they can control what we think. They can then set the rules of behavior, rules which, since they are no longer based on any firm ground, they can manipulate according to their wishes.
  • Violations of Religious Liberty: When you lose the freedom to worship as you wish, you have nothing. The only religion that Progressives want is their own. They want no one to answer to any higher authority than themselves, they believe they are God. If they take away your religion, whether it is Christianity, Judaism or Islam, it doesn’t matter, they control your actions. The only moral code you have is theirs, you will no longer question any thing you are told, you know no different. Religion allows you to question authority, if your system is based on your total authority, you can’t have this.
  • Manipulation of the Economy: Again, this comes to control. If the government controls what you make, what you can buy, what you can produce, they control you.
  • Centralized Planning: This has never worked and never will. One only has to look at the history of communist Russia to see the results, shortages and over production. Economic systems have to be based on supply and demand caused by a free market in order to feed everyone. A free market will always correct itself, a centralized economy, can never react to any outside sources. The same arguments apply to collectivism and socialism. There will always be those who consider themselves to be more equal than others.
  • Repression of Thought: This administration wants no one to think on their own. Think about what happens when you can only think how the government wants you to think. You will no loner see innovation, there will be no new ideas, the economy will stagnate. Does anyone really believe that if America had not won its independence we would have progressed like we have?
  • Class Warfare: For any socialist system to work, there has to be class warfare. There must always be conflict among groups, so they don’t realize what is happening to them, that they are all being oppressed. While there is conflict at the bottom, those on the top will always be safe, that is until the oppressed come after them.

Consider this a warning. If changes are not made in November, we will continue on this road to a socialist state. It doesn’t work, it won’t work. Whether you believe in God or not, it will affect all of us equally. We will all suffer the same. I pray you won’t make the wrong choice in November.

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