Obama and the Planned Parenthood Lie

In Tuesday’s debate our President claimed that millions of women relied on Planned Parenthood for mammograms. Of course there isn’t one Planned parenthood clinic which is licensed to have a mammogram machine. As pointed out in this article on CatholicOnline the President has lied and they give two explanations as to why.

Either we must accept that the President looked every American in the eye and told them a direct lie, which is not only unbecoming, but also evil, or we must consider the possibility that he simply does not know better.

I would like to think it is because he doesn’t know better. People like Obama tend to live in a bubble and see things as they want to see them, no matter what the truth is. If presented with facts, they refuse to believe them and will twist them to make them fir their preconceived notions. One only has to look at the “Global Warming” scam for proof of this. In the case of Planned parenthood and mammograms, someone has twisted the facts and convinced Obama that referring someone to a place where they can get a mammogram is the same thing as giving them one, and because it fits his perfect world scenario, it is now fact. 

The same article also talks about Obama and his belief that life begins not at conception, but at birth:

Rather, the President sees life as beginning at birth, against all understandings of human biology and he refuses to see otherwise.

Again, since life beginning at conception wouldn’t fit his view of the world, he won’t accept it, no matter how much evidence there is showing this to be the case. In a Progressive’s world, it is okay to remove unwanted and undesirables from the world. By refusing to admit they are living, it is easier to justify killing them. “Of course” says the Progressive mindset, “it would be wrong to kill a living being, but they aren’t alive until they are born, so we aren’t killing anyone.”

Of course this argument is a little harder to deal with when it comes to euthanasia which is next on the table. They are already trying to change the terminology on this one as well, using such expressions  as “right to choose”, “compassionate care” to make us believe that killing is the right thing to do.

We have a very clear choice on who to vote for on November 6. We have two very clear paths we can choose. Do we wish to remain free or do we wish to live in a world without freedom? It’s your choice.

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