God has the answer

At mass this morning Father Peter blessed all the fathers. I admit I accepted the blessing but I’m not sure I deserve it. I’ve nt sure that I have been all that good of one.

Oh, my kids have turned out great, both are married, I have four and 2/3 grandchildren, and they are doing well, but I feel I could have done better. As I think I’ve written before I drifted (or ran depending on your point of view) from the Church and religion as a whole, which means I never instilled it into them. Oh, I like to think I taught them right from wrong, and how to be god people, but I think I should have done more.100_3073

I look at my life and the problems I have created for myself and know truly believe that had I trusted in God, followed His teachings, my life would be a lot different today, and as a result so would my children’s. Again, not that their lives are bad, but I thin they are missing an important ingredient, God and Jesus.

But then I look back towards my father and he never was a very religious man either, certainly not outwardly anyway, can’t say whether he was inwardly or not. He taught us right from wrong, how to be good people, how to treat others, but he never instilled that much religion in us. I’m not complaining mind you, I made the choices I made on my own, I rejected the Church (nt God, just the Church) on my own, well with the help of Satan, ad I accept that.

So now my conundrum (now there’s a word I can’t say I’ve ever written) is how to I change that? How do I make my kids see that they need to trust in God? That God is there for them? That they need to go to church, to pray, to learn the ways of Christ? The few times I’ve mentioned things to them about my going to mass every Sunday, and some other things, they think I’ve gone off the deep end, since I’ve never done it before. I think they think I have turned into what I used to call a “Holy Roller” and therefore tend to avoid the subject. I understand their reaction. So I do I reach them?

I don’t have an answer, but I know who does, and I ask Him every day.

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