Take Time to Listen

Today’s Gospel reading from Luke 10:38 – 42 is about Jesus entering the house of Martha and Mary, and how Mary sat at Jesus’ feet hile Martha did all the work. We all know how that is don’t we?

What is this reading trying to teach us? That we should make sure we help Martha? No, that’s not it, it is that we need to not worry so much about things getting done, they always do, but instead we should, like Mary is doing, take the time to listen to Jesus’ words. Slow down, get rid of the distractions and listen. I have written before about I truly believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are constantly talking to us, the problem is we just don’t take the time to listen. And even when we actually hear we don’t always listen.

Instead of Jesus telling Mary to go help Martha as Martha was probably looking for him to do, instead Jesus was pleased that Mary was listening to him. In the time of Jesus sitting at someone’s feet was a sign or respect for them and that you were interested in what they had to say. We need to listen when Jesus talks to us.

Our lives are so full of distractions that we don’t hear and we can’t listen to what God tries to tell us. The television is on, the computer is on, the cell phone is on, when do we actually take the time to sit and listen?

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