How many of us are like the Prodigal Son? How many of us are like his brother? I am referring to today’s Gospel reading from Luke 15:1-32 which has this parable.

A wealthy farmer has two sons, one of them decides he wants his share of his inheritance, which his father gives him. The son goes off into the world and sends all the money and soon finds himself working for a farmer, living with the pigs and eating the scraps he can get from them. He returns home and his father welcomes him with a lavish feast. The other son gets upset asking the father how he can do that after the son left and wasted all his money.

I remember back about a year ago when I first went back to confession, the first time in maybe 35 years, and Father quoted this parable to me. He told me that God will always welcome us back, like the prodigal son. And he was right. No matter what we have done in the past, God will forgive us. That doesn’t mean we can keep sinning, but He will forgive us.

Which son have you been? The lost son who has returned or the elder son who is angry at his father? Do we get angry at God because He has taken a sinner back? Just something to think about.