I guess when Atheists claim they don’t believe, they really don’t believe. I ran across this post today from the “Friendly Atheist” on Patheos discussing a recent photo purported to be of persecuted Christians which the author has proved to be fake. I certainly can see where the evidence proves it is fake, like so many other “viral” photos on the internet and how other groups have used this same photo to prove persecution of whatever cause they happen to believe in.

But what disturbs me is the author doesn’t seem to believe there is any Christian persecution, writing:

“As for the meme at the top of this post, given that there’s no dearth of actual oppression of Christians in most majority-Muslim countries, it’s galling — and a disservice to real victims of religious persecution — that these lies are considered necessary at all.”

I decided to do some checking and see if there is or is not persecution of Christians.

From the National Catholic Reporter:

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity in the United States estimates that in the last decade, an average of 100,000 Christians have died each year in what the center calls a “situation of witness,” meaning for motives related to their faith.

Although some experts regard that estimate as inflated, it works out to an average of 11 Christians killed each hour throughout the past decade.

There is even a website which chronicles all incidents each month.

But I guess no amount of evidence would be enough for the atheists to believe, which is certainly their right.  I wonder – are there many atheists living in Muslim countries?