The Journey Begins

I have been working on a little writing project recently trying to explain God to  oldest granddaughter. She asked me one day “Who is God?” While I was extremely happy she asked me, I didn’t know how to answer. When my children were young I was away from the church, far away from the church, so needless to say I didn’t raise my children in the Catholic (or any other) faith. Now that I am back I have been worried about my grandchildren (all 5 1/2 of them) and how I could teach them about God. Which is why I was happy she asked me this question. God does have a way of opening doors. 

I wrote a pamphlet trying to answer her question and I will post it soon as a separate page on this blog. It isn’t easy to answer a question like this, especially when you aren’t sure who God is yourself. And what I have learned is when you try to answer one question, more and more questions come up, in fact more questions than answers. None of them easy to answer. Each answer depends on another answer, all are intertwined.

For example here are some of the questions I have had come up in trying to answer her initial question:

  • Who is God?
  • What is faith?
  • Is the Bible real?
  • What is heaven?
  • Do we need God?
  • Where is God?
  • Does God talk to us?
  • Why did Jesus have to die?

None of these questions is easy to answer, especially when you are trying to explain this to a 10 year old. But it has started me on a journey to find the answers and to be able to explain them to her. And so far I have learned that when I was her age, our religious education was sorely lacking. I don’t remember anything from that time and those classes. Certainly it was a long time and I may have forgotten things, and certainly since I wasn’t particularly thrilled to be there I may not have managed to pay attention. But I should remember something, right? Well I don’t. I have learned more in the last two or so years than in the past 40 plus years. Interestingly enough I have learned many other Catholics my age also have the same problem, that of not understanding their faith. There was a definite dropping of the ball regarding religious education at this time, even the Vatican acknowledges this.

Okay, you’re asking “What’s the point of this?” Well as the title suggests this has been the beginning of a journey for me, I guess a journey to find the truth, and this blog will be part of this journey. This is where I will ask and answer my questions, along with all my other insights and ramblings, and I can see a book forming. I feel I am being called to do this to make up for my past sins and especially the one where I did not teach my children the faith.

So I ask for your prayers and feel free to link to my Facebook page (over there —>) and you can offer insights, make suggestions or share anything with me which will help me on my journey. And of course, your comments are always welcome here.

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