Culture of Death A Rant

As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Patrick Madrid, a Catholic Apologist and speaker and his radio show, “Right Here, Right Now” , well except for the fact that after listening my head hurts from thinking too much about what is discussed. But this isn’t a promotion for the show, rather I want to talk about last Thursday’s topic which was the divorce rate in the US. (You can listen to the show here)

Patrick made the point that most of us think the divorce rate is higher that it actually is. We have been led to believe 50% of all marriages end in divorce, when the actual number is much lower. So, this got me to thinking, which is always dangerous. If we have in fact have been led to believe in the higher numbers, why? What would be the reason anyone would want us to think our marriages are going to fail? What is particularly interesting to note is how (at least in my opinion) the same people who actively try to convince us our marriages will end in divorce are the same ones who are promoting same-sex marriage.

And that is the answer. What I truly believe is behind these movements, as well as the abortion industry, the attacks on religious liberty and others, is the destruction of the family. Who is most interested in the destruction of the family? The Evil One. He doesn’t want a new generation of believers, he doesn’t want to take a chance that a new generation will take us back to a culture of life instead of one of death, one where sin no longer prevails, one where God is first  our lives, not materialism, individualism, narcissism and hedonism.

We kill our children, deciding whether we want them or not, killing those who might be an inconvenience. We have even begun to murder our elderly and infirm deciding they are no longer productive and are a drain on our society. Throw away lives, that is what we have decided they are, part of the Culture of Death.

“Death battles against life: A ‘culture of death’ seeks to impose itself on our desire to live and live to the full. There are those who reject the light of life, preferring ‘the fruitless works of darkness’ (Eph. 5:11). Their harvest is injustice, discrimination, exploitation, deceit, violence. In every age, a measure of their apparent success is the death of the innocents. In our own century, as at no other time in history, the ‘culture of death’ has assumed a social and institutional form of legality to justify the most horrible crimes against humanity: genocide, ‘final solutions,’ ‘ethnic cleansings’ and the massive ‘taking of lives of human beings even before they are born or before they reach the natural point of death’ (cf. Dominum et Vivificatem 57).”

If we don’t change this, where will be? If we don’t replace ourselves, who will? Forgive my rant, but I don’t like what I see happening, and but for a few of us, it seems no one cares. Yes, there are some good signs, there are some of us who are fighting back, but it takes all of us together. Yes God will win in the end, but are we ready for the end now?

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