The Last Should be First

Lately I have been struggling with a tough decision. The first thing I did was to ask God for some help and guidance. After I did this I started thinking about how for so long this would have been the last (if I ever asked God at all) thing I would do.

I think sometimes we have our lives backwards. When we need help, we use God as a last resort. After everything else we try doesn’t work, we finally throw up our hands and say “Okay, God, here is the mess I got myself into, now fix it!” Then when God doesn’t pick up the pieces we get angry at Him and ask “Why aren’t you helping me?” or “You never answer my prayers, so why should I bother?” Come on you know you do it. Wouldn’t it make sense for us to ask God first? Maybe see what He has to say about it, then make the decision?

What about this whole “God doesn’t answer my prayer thing?” Are you sure God isn’t answering your prayers? Do you think He isn’t because you aren’t getting the answer you want? God will only give us what is good for us. Not that we won’t get what isn’t good for us, but if isn’t from Him. We need to “listen” to God and He will tell us what is the right thing to do. The trick to the whole thing is simple: We need to listen. I know in previous posts I have mentioned this, but I will mention it again, I truly believe God does talk to us, gives us signs and shows us the way. We just don’t take the time to listen. We surround ourselves with noise and distractions and never hear.

We also expect God to answer us right away. He might not, it might take some time, after all God is patient and has plenty of time. Maybe by His taking His time He is telling us to wait and think a little more about what we are asking of Him. Maybe He knows something we don’t. I know in my case I am very impatient, proven by the many bad choices I have made. I tend to be one who wants  answers right now so I can get started, doing whatever it is I want to do. Asking God for help has always been the last thing I do.

One more point to consider. I always talk a lot about doors. Doors have played a major role in my spiritual life, as I have written about often. Sometimes God will open doors for us and sometimes He won’t. The thing is, we need to know that if He doesn’t open one for us, maybe we shouldn’t force it. Trust God, He really does know what is best for us.

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