The Definition of Evil

I bet you thought I was dead, didn’t you? Nope, still here, just been dealing with all kinds of issues, but I am hanging in there.

Today I am thinking about evil. You know the opposite of good. Today as I was listening to one of my favorite Catholic talk shows, “The Patrick Madrid Show“, he made the statement that the purpose of evil is to make people believe evil doesn’t exist. That may not be the exact quote, but it is close enough. This can be said about evil or the Evil One. Think about it, if we can be convinced there is no evil then we assume it doesn’t exist and there isn’t a problem.

We have seen this and continue to see this every day. We have a president and an administration that refuses to call terrorists, terrorists, radical Islamists, radical Islamists, and on and on. We have people and organizations, including educators, who refuse to call killing living human beings murder, whether through abortion or through so called “Death with Dignity” or “Right to Die” laws. Advocates of these causes want us to believe we are doing good by committing evil. Because someone is no longer productive due to health issues, old age, or may potentially be born with something like autism, they have convinced us it is the “right” thing to do to eliminate them. Because someone is no longer wanted, or is not “expected”, or not useful, it is okay to throw them away. This is evil being disguised as good.

What can we do? How about not allowing those who continue to do this, who attack those of us who speak the truth, who attack those of us who refuse to accept evil as anything other than what it is, evil, to do it?

If you want to pretend evil is good, then fine, go on believing it, but as for me, I call it as I see it.


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