Sunday Reflection: Do Not Disbelieve

Are you a doubting Thomas? Do you need proof that Jesus is real? Do you need to be able to see and touch the holes the nails made? (John 20:19 – 31) It can be hard to believe in something you can’t physically see or touch. But it can be done.

Many years ago when I worked for my dad, I would travel to the produce market to buy our fruits and vegetables. When I first began doing this, I went with another employee who I’ll call Fred. The reason I’ll call him Fred is because that was is name. He had been doing this for many years.

I can remember looking at tomatoes that were graded by size. I don’t remember the standards that were used other than each box had a size on it such as 5 X 6, 6 X 7, and so on. Oranges were sized in a similar way based on how many were in the box. there were 56’s, 72,s and 113’s, the smaller the number the bigger the orange. Fred would argue with the vendors saying that the tomatoes and oranges weren’t the same sizes as they used to be in past years. He would say “I need to look at them with eyes”.

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This is how we need to look at Jesus, with new eyes. We may not be able to see Him or touch Him physically, but He is always with us. He is with us whenever we do His will. He is with us when we say a kind word to another who might be in distress. He is with us when we are patient with our colleagues when there is chaos all around us in our workplace. He is with us when we don’t listen and spread the latest gossip we hear every day. We can see Him when we see these same things in others.

The last line in today’s reading is:

“You have believed because you have seen me. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” – John 20:29

We need to believe even though we haven’t “seen”. We probably will never be able to touch or see Jesus in a completely physical sense, maybe when we get to Heaven, but we can in other ways. We need to believe in what we don’t see. We need to see what He does and how He works in others, and let Him work in us.


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