Out into the Deep Water

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is Luke 5: 1 – 11. This is when Jesus first asks several of the apostles to follow him and He will “make them fishers of men“. Isn’t this what Jesus calls us all to do?

Photo by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash

But Jesus is asking us to do more than just catch others and bring them to His church and to salvation, He is also telling us to cast our nets into the deep water, the place where we might normally be afraid to go. He wants us to get out of our comfort zone and evangelize in deeper waters for bigger fish. We need to find those who are hiding in the deeper waters.

If you have ever gone onto the water in a boat you know it can be uncomfortable at times when you don’t know what is below you. I spent my summers on a lake and when we would go out in one of the boats by ourselves our parents would always tell us to not go out further than where we could see the bottom (it was a very clean lake). There was a comfort in being able to see what was underneath us. Once you crossed that line, where you couldn’t see the bottom, there was a certain uneasiness. Eventually, there would come a time when you needed to venture out further or you would be stuck in one spot. For example, there was an island in the lake, and to get there you needed to cross the deep water.

It is easy for us to stay in our comfort zones and evangelize only to those we know, those who won’t judge us and who will tolerate us. It is totally different when we go someplace where no one knows us and we don’t know others. In my case, this was when I began facilitating the RCIA program. At first, I was uncomfortable being in front of strangers, not knowing what they would think, but each week I have become more comfortable. Yes, I worry about whether or not I am making a difference or not, but I am comfortable with what I am doing. Am I at the point where I could preach on a street corner? Maybe not, but I might try.

There is another point we can get from this reading. Peter complains when Jesus tells him to go out and cast his nets into the deeper water. Peter says they have been out all night and have not caught anything. They just finished cleaning and packing away the nets and are tired. The last thing they want to do is go back out and do it over again. Reluctantly Peter agrees and with one cast of the net they catch so many fish the nets are ready to tear and the boat is ready to sink. When they return to sure Peter realizes he was wrong not to trust Jesus and tell Jesus he is not worthy to follow Him. Of course, Jesus doesn’t listen to him and Peter follows Him.

We need to listen to what Jesus is telling us. If He is calling us to do something, we need to do it. I feel He is calling me to spread His word to others. One way is through this little blog, another is through the RCIA program. There may be other ways as well. I know I need to trust In Jesus, He hasn’t sent me down the wrong road yet. The only time I went down the wrong roads is when I didn’t (or wouldn’t) listen to Him.

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