With God All Things Are Possible

In these troubled times, I have noticed I have begun looking at things a little differently than I used to. I have begun looking at how God is at work in our lives and in those around us. I wonder how many people also see this?

When you watch the news, whether it is the local news or the national news, the formula is always the same. The program starts with the bad news. These days it is the Coronavirus pandemic. We usually hear the daily body count, how many cases there are, etc. Interestingly enough we never hear how many people have recovered from it. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we would hear the daily body count from Walter Cronkite from Viet Nam.

Then towards the end of the broadcast, there will be some “feel good” story. These days they consist of people banding together to do something good, salute a medical worker, make breathing masks, delivering food and supplies to those in need, all good stories. These things always happen in bad times, they don’t always last, but they always occur. I began to wonder how many people realize this is actually the Holy Spirit working in them?

Those of us who are believers in the Holy Spirit realize this but how about those who don’t believe? Do they think this is just some random thing at work? Do they realize their conscience comes from God?

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