Why The State Department Doesn’t Surprise Me

I try to keep the politics out of this blog as much as possible (yes, I have another one for that), but it gets harder and harder all the time. And honestly I don’t think it is the Catholic Church who is the initiator in this, but rather the left and this administration.Let’s look at something that happened this week for example with the way the State Department handled the case of Chen Guangcheng.  AS pointed out on Brietbart.com,

it seems our Secratary of State Hillary Clinton, was more interested in making sure that the Chinese have “Clean cookstoves” than saving a dissident.

Did anyone really expect anything less? Did we really think that anyone from the Obama administration would do anything to help this man, especially if it might cause any kind of conflict? My guess is Clinton probably had a private meeting with Chinese authorities apologizing for Cheng’s rudeness.

Think about this, does anyone really believe, in a country where they want to control the country through abortion, they care if people get sick or not? I don’t think so.

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