Protesters Hit The Streets In Acushnet – Not

You just knew I would have to write at least one more post about that darn sign in Acushnet didn’t you? Seems there was a large protest outside the church on Sunday from all those who were offended by the sign. All twelve of them that is. Yup according to the report on WBZ-TV 4 in Boston, there were several hundred people inside at the mass and a dozen protestors outside.

I can’t help but wonder about these people who were so offended by the sign. First there was the one who commented last week about how this sign was being “shoved down people’s throats” and yesterday one of the people in the video said it was “subliminal”. another said

“It might not have been in-your-face overtly hateful, but that is the type of subtle bigotry that can affect people,” said Evans.

And once again I bring up this point: What about the not so subtle pornographic messages we are subjected to by the media through advertising, television, movies and music? Where is the outrage against that?

4 thoughts on “Protesters Hit The Streets In Acushnet – Not

  1. kierston

    It’s funny how people say it’s offensive for them to see a sign like that and then post a whole bunch of comments stating how horrible these people are to shove their beliefs down other peoples throats. Well, technically they are doing the same darn thing. What about people who don’t like gay/lesbians. They have every right to express their thoughts and feelings just like gay/lesbian people do! I’m so tired of people getting so worked up (on both sides) about this issue. BOTH sides need to just need to leave each other be…


  2. SR

    Oh Peg, what is this world coming to? Agree with the masses or else!!! I just wish people had something to do in life, besides stand on a street corner, and holler, yell, and call others names. Makes me wonder sometimes what they do with their days. We all do not have to like the same thing, but each one of us are entitiled to what we want to believe. Thanks for post. God Bless, SR


    1. SR

      I am so sorry I put Peg in there. God help me!!! I was thinking about something she wrote on her blog, and her name came out of my fingers. God Bless, SR


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