Have we travelled down a road from which there is no return? Have we lost control? Can we fix the problems the Progressive movement has caused?Recently I have begun to wonder how much of our society’s problems are caused by what I will term, outside influences. I am not a psychologist or a sociologist or an aplogist like our President, or even particularly educated about these things, but I do tend to think of myself as an astute observer.

Read about Eugenics here

When I was a kid, oh three or four decades ago, people seemed to have a lot less “issues”. I have four grandchildren; all under the age of eight, and three of them are already getting “help”. We were all pretty normal, of course I think our definition of normal is something different then it is today. We didn’t need therapy, we didn’t need intervention. So what changed?

There are several factors for sure. Since I call myself “The Wayward Catholic” obviously I believe the lack of faith is one of them, and actually a big one. But there are others as well. And in my opinion they all stem from the same place, the Progressive movement. The left has waged a very effective campaign on us, especially the youth over the last one hundred years. They have convinced us that what used to be right is now wrong, and what used to be wrong is now right.

I wrote in another of my blogs last week about how the Progressives have pushed their Eugenics program into the United States educational system. (Yes that is a shameless plug for my other blog). And yesterday I came across this article from the Huffington Post about a retired Navy Chaplain saying that homosexuals may very well be that way because of their environment. Of course the Huff doesn’t agree with that but I certainly do.

Once again going back to when I was a kid, there were gays, but they lived their lives quietly, true they could have been afraid to have it their sexual preferences know but let me ask you this: Were there as many suicides then as there are now because someone is struggling with their “sexual identity”? Were there violent protests because gays couldn’t marry? How many deaths from sexually transmitted diseases were there?

What has changed? Yesterday I wrote about the big protest over the offensive sign in Acushnet, MA and I asked if these people who found the sign so offensive ever looked around at their environments/ Do they look at what they watch on television? At the movies? What they listen to? All these outlets support the progressive agenda, the agenda to erode our morals, to turn them upside down, to get us to no longer know the difference between right or wrong.

Here is the question which we will leave you with today: Is it too late, can we change our course? Stay tuned…