SCOTUS Ruling: Forget About It

For three days now I have been reading about Obamacare and the SCOTUS decision and whether it’s good or bad, especially regarding the current fight against the HHS mandate. Let me sum it up this way: IT DOESN’T MATTER!Why? Becasue whether or not this ruling will affect the HHS mandate (personally I don’t think it does) we still have to fight the erosion or our religious freedom and religious liberty anyway. Trust me on this one, even if we win the fight against the HHS mandate there will be another battle down the road. The secularists will continue to attack those of us who actually do beleive in God, and who beleive that the United States was built on CHRISTIAN principles.

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I have thought a lot about this over the last few months and have asked a lot of “Whys?” I can whittle it down to one main question which would be “Why would the secularists want to remove God from the United States?

I always come up with the same answer: To get Him out of the way. Without God in our lives, or as the atheists and secularists love to put it :God being shoved down our throats” they are free to do what they want. God equals morality. Whether one believes that morality comes from God and the Bible or not is irrelevant to this point, references to God and His teachings 99% of the time involve morality.

Since an atheist doesn’t beleive in God, he shouldn’t give a rat’s behind whether there is a cross on the lawn or not, and he doesn’t. But he doesn’t like it becasue it is a symbol of something else, morality. If you remove the Ten Commandments from the court house yo won’t be reminded on them. If you take prayer out of schools and other public places, people won’t be reminded of what is right or wrong. This is what the secularists want.

We can’t let that happen. We must fight them at every turn. We must, we can’t let them win. They have already eroded our moral conscience, tilted our moral compass, to a point of almost no return, we have to not only stop it, but right it again.

Stay tuned.

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