Sunday Reflection: I Was Blind But Now I See

It’s funny how all of a sudden things just become clearer to me. I’ll think of something, maybe ask myself a question, or pray about something, and the answer just pops up out of nowhere. Beleive me when I tell you I am not claiming I have any special powers or am seeing any

kinds of visions from God or anyone else, it just amazes me that this happens. And it happens too many times for it to be coincidental. Of course the logical explanation is that I am becoming more knowledgeable and spiritual and therefore I am “seeing” the answers I am looking for, but I had to look first.

The answers are always there for us. God is always there and He is always trying to help us see. He doesn’t hide them, we don’t have to work particularly hard to see them, we only need to look. The problem is, actually the three problems with us not seeing them are as follows:

  • We can’t see
  • We don’t understand what we see
  • We refuse to see

Many times we can’t see what God is trying to tell us. We get so lost in other things, we are easily distracted. Sometimes this is becasue Satan is distracting us, through temptation and sin, sometimes is we have so much on our plates we just can’t seem to focus. Whichever it is, the signs from God are there, we just can’t see them.

Many times we see the signs but we don’t understand them. We may not recognize them for what they are. We either don’t know they are signs from God or we don’t know what they are supposed to mean. If we don’t take the time to study the sign, if we don’t read scripture or other spiritual writings, if we don’t pray, we will never know what the sign is or was.

For many of us, and I count myself as one of these, we refuse to see. We know better than God, we know better than the Church fathers and when God gives us a sign, we refuse to acknowledge it for what it is. Why? Becasue it goes against what we want. We make up our minds that we know best, we know what is best for us, and we won’t take anyone’s advice, even God’s. We have been blinded by the culture we see so much today which says it is okay to sin, it is okay to disregard God’s laws, and even that God doesn’t exist. This is the easy way out. If we refuse to beleive that the rules exist, then we needn’t follow them.

I write a lot about the erosion of morality in this country and most of it, no, all of it, can be traced back to our refusal to see what God is telling us. We enjoy our sinful lives so much that we let the Evil One take over and shut God out. God let’s us do what we want. He won’t interfere. He is there for us when we need Him, but we have to “seek and we shall find”. He won’t push His way into our lives, we must let Him in.

There are so many out there who don’t beleive, or who, like i was, kind of, sort of, beleive but since we never see any “proof” that God exists, He mustn’t. If we think like this,, where we are wrong is that there is “proof” God exists everywhere. There are miracles in our lives every day. God tries to help us in everything we do, we just don’t accept His help.

I know I have. I have come to see, as much as I hate to use this term, “seen the light”. I have connected the dots in my life and realize He is there, and always been there. Would my life have been different had I now strayed down the roads I did? Yes, maybe not better, I love my life now, but things would be different. But it all works out, it is in God’s hands. The past doesn’t matter, it can’t be changed, it is the now which matters.

Yes, I wish sometimes my life had turned out differently, but then if I hadn’t fallen away, I couldn’t have found my way back. And so far it has been a heck of a journey, one I am glad I am making. My wish now is that somehow, some way, I can help others find their way back, or even more importantly not stray in the first place.

But one thing I know, God will be there to show me how I can do that, and this time, I’ll be looking for the signs.

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