Sunday Reflection: Shouldering the Cross

Back in the days when I didn’t practice my religion I was less than tolerant to others who did. Maybe that’s too strong, let’s say I put up with them but that was about it. Especially when they said things like “Jesus suffered for you.”

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I would think things like “If he suffered for me why am I suffering now?” Stupid huh? As I’ve written in the past, or maybe I haven’t, who knows anymore, I never read the Bible until this past year. I didn’t understand it, didn’t care to, didn’t want to, etc. etc. I only cared about my life, my problems (and those around me who affected me) and that was pretty much it, Jesus had no relevance to my life.

I have never been one to complain about my life, whether it is about not having “things” or enough money (unlike the ex-wife who always complained and still does), nor did I ever complain when I was in any kind of pain. In fact when I was an EMT I always wondered how you could truly judge how much a person might be in. We would ask them “On a scale of one to ten, rate your pain”. The thing is my five might be your ten, your one might be someone else’s seven.

So when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I sucked it up and decided it wasn’t going to get me down. Te doctor said it could only be managed, not cured, so I accepted that and decided I would still get up everyday and deal with it. I know others who have it and they have a much harder time than I do. They can’t get out of bed some days, they can’t function at all. In that regard I am lucky, I assume mine is milder.

Have you ever noticed I am one of those people who can make a short story long? Anyway, back to Jesus and the cross. I realized the other day, when I was hurting more than usual that my pain is nothing compared to what it must have been like to have been nailed to a crucifix. Jesus didn’t complain, he didn’t beg for mercy, he did it, yes, for us.

I can bear the pain I have becasue I know it is nothing compared to what he endured. We should be like Simon the Cyrenian who helped Jesus carry the cross, do it without question.

“Blessed is the man who endures trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love him.” – James 1:12

One thought on “Sunday Reflection: Shouldering the Cross

  1. From my perspective as a nurse, I know that fibromyalgia can be very painful to live with. I also know that through our sufferings, we share in the suffering of Christ. Our suffering, like His suffering, can be co-redemptive if we offer it up for the good of others.


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